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What is a “Robo Advisor” and Should You Be Using One?

You probably never imagined taking financial advice from a computer program, but that’s exactly what a lot of people are doing these days. These programs are called robo advisors, and the best robo advisors have the potential to help you invest your money more effectively.


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Founded in 2019, Better Spender helps consumers reach their financial goals through in-depth research by proven expert authors to deliver up-to-date financially influential knowledge.

Stay Or Leave Your Car Insurance?

Car insurance premiums nationwide have never been higher. Many of us renew our policies year after year without shopping around.


When Is It Smart to Pay for Car Damage Out of Pocket?

There are plenty of times when an auto accident means you should file an insurance claim, particularly if the costs will be very high. But there are times when it might be more convenient, both in terms of paperwork and costs, to just pay for any repair costs out of pocket. Let’s go over how to determine when it’s smarter to pay for car damage out-of-pocket.


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